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            At George Mason University, we push the boundaries of what’s possible. From arts to sciences, from economics to engineering, our students are the next generation of innovators. It takes your support to ensure they excel. We’ve come a long way already—are you ready to take Mason even farther?

            HOW TO GIVE

            Discover the many ways you can
            help make a difference

            Join the Mason Nation in Arlington for a happy hour to celebrate Mason’s annual Giving Day! Your $10 admission includes unlimited appetizers and one drink ticket.

            Mason Giving Day Happy Hour Thursday, April 2, 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. | Spider Kelly’s, near Clarendon Metro, Arlington

            Join us for the 25th Anniversary of the Diversity Scholarship Golf Classic, raising funds for Mason’s Early Identification Program (EIP) and Student Transition and Empowerment Program (STEP). Enjoy an outstanding day of golf at Westfields Golf Club with your friends and colleagues. $200 per golfer / $800 per foursome. Includes lunch, drinks, prizes, and fun.

            25th Annual Diversity Scholarship Golf Classic Monday, June 8, | Westfields Golf Club, Clifton, Va.

            Mason’s fourth annual Giving Day is fast approaching! Mark your calendars now for April 2, when the entire Mason community comes together to support the programs they care about most. You can participate on social media, on campus, by attending our Arlington happy hour, or by giving online. Together, we are Mason!

            Giving Day 五福彩票计划软件 Thursday, April 2 | Everywhere!

            Impact Stories

            Your generosity keeps us moving forward. Take a look at some examples of how donor support has helped George Mason change lives and help our students, our community, our region, and the world.

            Make Your Difference

            Your contributions provide direct financial support for our students. Gifts help fund leading research, and cover improvements to cutting-edge facilities. Learn more about where your gifts can go.

            Novels by John Michael Cummings include The Night I Freed John Brown (Penguin Group, 2008), Ugly To Start With (West Virginia University Press, 2011), and Don’t Forget Me, Bro (Stephen F. Austin University Press, 2015).

            Alumni Spotlight

            A Writer’s Path

            Writer John Michael Cummings, BA Art (Studio) ’89, is the author of three novels and has published more than 100 short stories. The non-writing part of his career includes jobs as a business reporter, college English teacher, publisher’s assistant, innkeeper, and tombstone engraver. He lives now in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 五福彩票计划软件 to the Cummings family for six generations.

            Q: What led you to enroll at Mason? Do you remember why you applied?
            Well, I had terrible grades in high school. I couldn’t dare get in there (at Mason) now—I wouldn’t have a chance! But I did have my art portfolio. So I took the portfolio into the registrar’s office or someplace, and she said, “I don’t know, your transcripts are not good.” I was pleading, because I was really in love with this girl who was going to George Mason. She got in, and I was begging to get in also. The registrar looked at my portfolio and said something like “I guess George Mason could benefit from having an artist of this caliber.” So I was admitted under academic probation, meaning I had to pass three summer classes first. I did, and I got in.