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            George Mason University

            Financial Aid

            Please check here for Important Updates

            George Mason University staff and student discussing financial aid

            As one of the best values in education, Mason provides an affordable and wise college choice, offering academic quality, opportunities for top tier internships, and applied knowledge and skills that will assist you beyond graduation. A college degree is one of the most valuable investments you can make, and your return on investment is demonstrated by the success of our alumni. Mason alumni have one of the lowest student loan default rates in the Commonwealth of Virginia. So invest wisely — invest in yourself.

            Many Mason students receive some kind of financial aid, such as grants, scholarships, work-study employment, or loans. To assist you with the financial aid process, Mason’s Office of Student Financial Aid has a team of dedicated professionals available to help you and your family. The Financial Aid staff will work with you annually as you re-apply for financial assistance each year you attend Mason.

            If you’re interested in applying for financial aid, complete the  and submit it to the federal processor by January 15, or March 1 for transfer students.  For more information, please visit How to Apply for Financial Aid.

            Contact Us

            Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid

            The Office of Student Financial Aid’s primary form of communication with students is via the student’s Mason email address. Please be sure to monitor your Mason email account regularly for important information, requests and notifications regarding your financial aid.


            Undergraduate Email: finaid@

            Graduate/Law Email: glfinaid@

            五福彩票计划软件Phone: (703) 993-2353
            Fax: (703) 993-2350

            Office Location and Hours

            The OSFA is located in Student Union Building 1 on the first floor (suite 1100).

            View a Map of Campus

            Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

            Mailing Address

            Office of Student Financial Aid
            George Mason University
            4400 University Drive
            MS 3B5
            Fairfax, VA 22030-4444


            With the exception of any document requiring citizenship information, you may submit your documents/forms via mail, fax or in-person to the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), which is located on the 1st floor of SUB I on the Fairfax Campus. The Office’s fax number is 703-993-2350.

            Citizenship documents must be submitted by the student in-person at the OSFA. If you are unable to appear in-person, please complete and follow the steps listed on the Citizenship Affidavit form.

            After submitting your documents, please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for processing. If any additional documentation is still required from you, you will receive an email from the OSFA.

            Please do not email sensitive information such as tax returns, social security numbers or other personally identifiable information. Instead, fax to 703-993-2350 or mail to:
            Office of Student Financial Aid, 4400 University Drive, 3B5, Fairfax, VA 22030.

            FSA Student Loan Ombudsman Group Contact Information

            Web: http//studentaid.gov/repay-loans/disputes/prepare
            五福彩票计划软件Phone: 877-557-2575
            Fax: 606-396-4821
            Mail: FSA Ombudsman Group
            P.O. Box 1843
            Monticello, KY 42633

            Federal Student Aid Complaint Website

            Important Links