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            George Mason University

            Faculty Research Resources

            Researchers at Mason work in a culture and environment that’s designed to inspire discovery. With our support, your work will have a global impact.

            We want you to resolve the most important issues in your field of study, and we provide the comprehensive support you need to make transformational breakthroughs.

            The university also understands the value of multidisciplinary collaboration. Working among creative colleagues can inspire new ideas and new ways of looking at problems. We encourage researchers of all disciplines to participate in such projects.

            Find the Resources You Need

            University researchers have access to modern facilities and labs, help with funding, and administrative support.

            Research Development, Integrity, and Assurance

            RDIA helps faculty researchers refine proposals, find funding opportunities, and develop multidisciplinary teams within Mason and with external partners. The office also has policies, procedures, and training sessions to ensure compliance with federal, state, local, and university regulations.

            Office of Sponsored Programs

            OSP supports external funding for research, provides guidance on budget proposals, and reviews cost-sharing agreements and contracts. The office also reviews and negotiates contracts and coordinates cost-sharing efforts.

            Office of Research Computing

            ORC supports on-campus research computing resources, grid and cloud computing, and research computing support services. Researchers have access to the Argo cluster for large-scale computational needs and use of XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment), which provides access to supercomputers.

            Qualtrics Survey Tool

            Faculty can use this web-based tool to conduct survey research and other data-collection activities that involve building and sending surveys. Qualtrics also offers researchers the ability to analyze and export responses with its simplified distribution methods, intuitive reports, and dashboards. Qualtrics is offered through Information Technology 五福彩票计划软件 and the Office of Research Computing.

            Environmental Health and Safety

            EHS collaborates with Mason researchers to maintain a safe working and learning environment. The office provides: training; emergency preparedness; biological, chemical, and radioactive waste management; and occupational health- and safety-monitoring services.

            Office of Technology Transfer

            OTT helps faculty researchers bring innovations and discoveries to the marketplace.​ The office manages the protection, marketing, and commercialization of intellectual property developed at Mason, as well as copyrights and nonpatentable intellectual property, such as software.​ OTT also offers help and information on patents.

            Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

            OEI, in coordination with the Office of Technology Transfer, provide resources for faculty researchers to develop research results into a market-ready venture. Our start-up experts can help take your ideas from inspiration to reality.

            These facilities provide programs, services, and resources for entrepreneurs of all experience levels. They focus on small business services, incubation and acceleration, government contracting, international business, entrepreneurship, technology ventures, and telework initiatives.


            University Libraries Research 五福彩票计划软件 provide support by locating and supplying resources, giving guidance on copyright issues, and aiding with publishing and archiving.