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            George Mason University

            Health and Wellness

            When something doesn’t feel right, we’re here to help.

            You wake up one morning with a fever and sore throat, or you’re feeling especially stressed during exam time. Your physical and mental health, and your safety, is of utmost importance to everyone in the Mason community. Do not try to “tough it out” alone. There are many people and services to contact right here on campus who want to help.

            Student Health 五福彩票计划软件

            From sprains to strains.

            Our physicians and nurse practitioners provide easily accessible health care in a comforting and confidential environment. We provide care for a range of needs, including diagnosing and treating injuries and illness, providing immunizations, managing chronic health concerns, and conducting physical exams. A nurse advice line is available when the clinic is closed, via 703-993-2831. There is no charge to see a health care provider, but there are fees for lab tests, medications, immunizations, and supplies.
            If you require care that is outside the scope of our practice, we can recommend a physician in the community.

            We’re Here for You

            Counseling and Psychological 五福彩票计划软件

            CAPS provides confidential personal and academic services to students. Individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, consultations to students, faculty and staff, and community education programs are offered. Additionally, Counseling and Psychological 五福彩票计划软件 supports the Peer Empowerment Program, which provides trained peer support to Mason students through programs, mentoring, and direct advising.

            Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC)

            SSAC helps students develop and maintain healthy lifestyles by addressing some of the most challenging issues they may face during their collegiate years:

            • Healthy relationships
            • Sexual assault
            • Drug and alcohol use
            • Nutrition and body image
            • Stress management
            • Sexual health

            The office provides educational programming, one-on-one support and counseling, group support, and advocacy services. We believe students are most successful when healthy and happy and we support them in finding that balance for themselves.

            SSAC also serves as the central resource for assisting students who are encountering barriers to their academic success and personal growth. The office connects students with appropriate Mason and off-campus resources and implements action plans for students in need of intervention, including crisis intervention. Please contact SSAC if you observe behavior that causes concern about a student or other community member’s safety, feel threatened by a student or otherwise notice behavior changes in a student that cause concern.

            Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

            Find your center at our center.

            At Mason, we believe in thriving together. The center organizes many campus-wide initiatives dedicated to helping students thrive, such as DeStress Fest, designed to lessen the pressure many students feel during finals. Students can take advantage of free classes in Yoga, Tai Chi, Deep Relaxation and Guided Meditation.